Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Yes Man" (2008), movie review

While this is an older movie, if you haven't seen it you need too! Starring the always funny Jim Carrey and the quirky Zooey Deschanel , this delightful film takes you on a humorous, wild ride of self-discovery and adventure.

The movie will keep you laughing the whole way through, and at the same time explore some serious question you need to ask yourself such as; what is really important in life? What are my real priorities? How can I learn to balance work with fun and play? Am I saying "no" to new opportunities and happiness?

You'll come away from this movie feeling light hearted and inspired, truly a feel good film! One of my all time favorites!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"First Aid for Prolapse" with Christine Kent author of "Saving the Whole Woman", a DVD Review

While this DVD is made for women with pelvic organ prolapse or other female issues, because it teaches proper posture for women it's a must see for all women! The DVD clearly teaches how the common posture taught for women is actually incorrect and damaging to their female bodies leading to health issues, and poor posture later in life( often seen as the upper back hump in older women).

The DVD includes two gentle, relaxing, very enjoyable workouts that are designed to teach you proper posture and to develop and strengthen the proper muscles and balance to maintain healthy, correct posture throughout the day and during common activities.

The DVD is very educational, with a thorough, clear teaching style.

A must see for every woman! I highly recommend this DVD!

"The Fort Worth Benefit" presented by Ray Hunt, a DVD Review

This 2 disc set is packed full of value. The wisdom, knowledge and experience shared in this DVD is invaluable.

The DVD is a two day filmed clinic which is held to pay tribute to the legendary man, Tom Dorrance.

The clinic starts with Colt Starting and then moves onto Horsemanship, making this DVD a rich educational source.
Horsemen of all levels will have much to learn from the wonderful DVD.

In my opinion this DVD is an important part of any serious horseman's library!

Monday, November 28, 2011

"Sensual Belly Dance" with Blanca, DVD Review

This is a wonderful, fun belly dance DVD program! Taking a sensual approach to belly dance as a form of self expression, this DVD workout encourages you to tap into and explore your own inner creativity and sensuality.

Not just another how-to belly dance or exercise program , this DVD has beautiful, creative dance routines. The teaching style is step-by-step, clear and moves slowly so you won't be left behind, with emphasis on correct, soft, flowing movement.

Truly a beautiful DVD program! I highly recommend it!

"Beautiful Singing Not Just For The Chosen" with Professor Clayne Robison, DVD review

What an amazing program! This DVD program follows a group of participants through a workshop for beautiful singing.

You learn along with them as they step by step learn and practice the 7 key elements needed for beautiful singing. You don't need any previous singing experience to get the most out of this DVD. With the view point that beautiful singing can be learned, this DVD program teaches you the 7 keys so you can develop them within yourself.

I found this program to be a different approach to singing that worked better for me then several previous ones that I had tried.

I really enjoy this program!

"The Ballet Workout; Shaping and Toning" Featuring Melissa Lowe, DVD review

This workout DVD is a lovely program! You don't need any dance or ballet experience to gain the many benefits of this dance based workout. Focusing on shaping and toning this program will help you create a beautiful body.

The exercises are simple but powerful, quite the workout! The program is slow and relaxing yet very effective, a very nice way to slim down and firm up while creating a lovely feminine form.

A wonderful DVD!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Buck" the documentary film

The film "Buck" is an amazing, inspiring documentary film. This is a must see!

Set in beautiful scenery, this film tells the inspiring story of one man's life, the obstacles he's over come and how he's touched hundreds of people's lives.

The film is centered around horsemanship but even non-horsey people will find this movie very enjoyable and moving.

I can not highly recommend this film enough!! It is incredible, beautifully told and speaks a powerful message.
Everyone should see this film.

You'll want to buy your own DVD copy of this one!

"Real Steel" Movie Review

The movie Real Steel (2011) an action, drama, Sci-Fi, is a surprisingly charming, heart warming story of a young boy
and his estranged, indifferent father. Throw in plenty of exciting robot boxing action and it makes for one entertaining, fun movie!

The graphics are good and the storyline while simple, is not overly predictable so it continues to be engaging and enjoyable throughout the movie.

Over all a movie worth seeing and one I'd recommend!